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This class was interesting. I learned a lot about serial killers and murders of all shapes and sizes, much more than I expected. Reading about each killer or thief was fun and entertaining but making videos about them was not entertaining. It was interesting to read the blogs and see what my fellow classmates were thinking or how they viewed …Continue reading →

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This class was fun and the material was all interesting for the most part. Although, the workload was a little too much I think one less video would be enough or taking out the part where the students teach.


I never liked movies made before 1995 but I found this one very entertaining. I have never really sat down and watched a full movie about  the life of a gangster and I’m really glad I did. As the movie went along I was amazed by how drawn into the movie I was and I realized there was no real …Continue reading →

bundy 2

I have no idea why Ann Rule gave Bundy the benefit of the doubt, I understand that they worked together and he didnt come  off as a killer, but he even talked to her about simply leaving Meg after 4 years of being together. Doesnt that show how good of a liar he was? Or killer? He could simply walk …Continue reading →





Ted Bundy was a genius and I remember learning about him in my high school psychology class and I find it interesting that a lot of the historical serial killers were normal looking people. Ted Bundy was just a normal looking guy, he didn’t look creepy I mean he pulled off being one of us when he was 31 years …Continue reading →


I thought the first two paragraphs about Beausoleil were very descriptive and I could just imagine him sitting on the cot with no shirt on and dragon tattoos. When Capote was describing the third room with all the “leftovers” I was kind of chilled by it because it seems so unreal to me that they would keep the belongings of …Continue reading →


This movie had some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. However, if it was remade with a new cast and newer technology I think it would be a big hit. Also the first crime scene was very bloody and I was wondering if they based this off the actual crime scene or they made it up? Manson looked really …Continue reading →

Part 2

I found it interesting that they just burned all of the sheets covered in blood, I wouldve thought that they wouldve kept anything covered in blood as evidence rather than destroying it. And when the two killers were in the diner buffet I was confused by whether Perry was talking about Deja Vu or something different because it sounded just …Continue reading →