I never liked movies made before 1995 but I found this one very entertaining. I have never really sat down and watched a full movie about  the life of a gangster and I’m really glad I did. As the movie went along I was amazed by how drawn into the movie I was and I realized there was no real problem in the first half of the movie which was surprising. I was also shocked  at how corrupt the cops were in the movie and how powerful Jimmy was. The cops respected him and I almost think it was the right choice for Henry to become a gangster because he lived a much more enjoyable life then people around him such as his father. And when he said people only ended up in jail because they wanted to I became somewhat confused because unless someone is trying to kill you why would you want to be in jail? Honestly after watching this movie I wouldn’t mind having an uncle or someone close to me in a gang, not a street gang, but a real italian gang. I know my great grandpa who I am named after was in a gang based in Chicago and I never really thought about that until watching this movie.

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  • Demi says:

    I don’t really like old movies either, but I did like this movie. I actually probably watch the movie again. You talked about this movie being about the gangster which it was, but in the beginning of Goodfellas remind me of the beginning of Monster.

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