I thought the first two paragraphs about Beausoleil were very descriptive and I could just imagine him sitting on the cot with no shirt on and dragon tattoos. When Capote was describing the third room with all the “leftovers” I was kind of chilled by it because it seems so unreal to me that they would keep the belongings of the people killed on death row and store it all in a room next to where they spent their last night. It was shocking. I did not take Manson as a follower and it was surprising that Manson looked up to Beausoleil. Towards the end I couldnt help to think that Beausoleil was an ignorant jackass because he said “If it happens, it’s got to be good.” And he said the people he killed werent innocent and I lost all interest in the interview because I know this is a reach and maybe a bad comparison but with his view on things he would believe that 9/11 was meant to happen and it was good. And clearly he doesnt live by his own law because he is in jail for breaking the law.

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  • Alieh says:

    I agree that I didn’t see Manson as being a follower, but now that I read it, it kind of makes sense that Manson would go out and do such a horrible crime and try to copy Beausoleil to get him out of jail. It was kind of like a sacrifice.

  • DEMI says:

    I put that in my post also, how Beausoleil kept saying it was all good. Then I thought of maybe that’s something that Mason drilled into the family’s head, and that why Beausoleil felt so strong about it.

  • Chelsea Irizarry says:

    Yeah I also thought he was ironic when he said he didn’t believe in killing and yet he was in jail for it. But was Manson a follower? Though looked up to Bobby he did still order the killing of Gary Hinman in which Bobby had followed through with.

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